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Eald Partner

EALD Partner is an accounting firm based in Brussels working with European and International Corporations.

Foreign operations and expansion out of, or into, Belgium can be complicated from a tax perspective. You need sound, pragmatic tax advice to avoid complications and efficiently comply with relevant tax jurisdiction laws, rules and regulations.


Eald Partner assists businesses and international corporations with tax planning strategies to minimize their global tax obligations and meet business and financial objectives. With Eald Partner, you have access to a wide array of planning, consulting, and compliance services.

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Goal & Mission

Our main goal is to help you save time with our client space. In other words, with this connection, you avoid the hassle of travel and you can transfer all your documents directly, examine your files and remain informed on your accounting and fiscal deadline at any given time. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our mission is to offer tax planning strategies to help you increase efficiency and achieve your business goals.

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Our team is made of passionate accounting experts.


Feel free to discover our organization here.

About Us



Tax Advice with certified Accountants


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Accounting and Tax Obligations

We ensure a bookkeeping in respect of your legal obligations by focussing on the formulation of your figures in order to garanty sustainability and profitability for your company. To improve our communication and through the use of new technologies, our client space offers the possibility to access your files without moving ! Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Tax Optimization

In an increasingly complex legal environment, we take great care of the accuracy of your taxation by offering the optimization of your file in the best possible way. Our objective is to keep in account your interests on the short, medium and long term.

What We Offer

Coaching, Guidance & PA, Coordination 

We give guidance and management advice at both company and individual level. Our assistance entails setting up a legal structure as well as implementing procedures and management tools.

We provide PA Services, and help strengthening logistical aspects, from office management to organization and coordination of activities.

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European Projects

Our firm has an acquired experience in the management of subsidies in partnership with European institutions :

  • Monitoring & Budget Management

  • Financial Reporting

  • Audit Preparation & Assistance

  • Development of Project Management Tools

And so much more...

Want to know more about what we do? Feel free to contact us.

Why Us

Why us

Deep Industry
Knowledge & Expertise
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15 Years of Experience
Professional, Accurate
and High-Quality Service



Our Address

Eald Partner SRL

Avenue de Kersbeek 308

1180 Uccle

TVA : 0716697663

Our Phone No.

+32 492 22 59 32

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